In today's world imperialism

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Send an article written very superficial: "today's world imperialism." This is the basic principle of Marxism course work "Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism," a book report.

"Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism," a book by Lenin in simple language a brief discussion of the form "imperialism" of the capitalism. The book is divided into ten chapters, the first six chapters introduced the five basic characteristics of imperialism:

  1. The first chapter, "production concentration and monopoly": aggregate industrial capital has become the economic lifeline of the decision monopolies.
  2. The second chapter "The new role of banks and banks," the third chapter, "financial capital and the financial oligarchy": financial capital and industrial capital has fused to form a financial oligarchy.
  3. Chapter 4, "export of capital": the export of capital goods output has been replaced as the main means of capitalist colonial plunder.
  4. Chapter 5, "capitalist allies divided world": the world capitalist division of international organizations has been formed.
  5. Chapter 6, "divided world powers": the strongest capitalist countries have carved up the territory of the world.

After four chapters discuss the fate of imperialism:

  1. Chapter 7, "imperialism is a special stage of capitalism": gives a precise definition of imperialism.
  2. Chapter 8, "capitalist parasitic and decadent": describes the decay of imperialism.
  3. Chapter 9, "imperialist criticism": the critique of imperialism treat various viewpoints.
  4. Chapter 10, "Historical Status of imperialism": it is decided that imperialism has been moribund.

Reading the book, I have a more profound understanding of imperialism. Capitalism was born from the beginning, with regard to the pursuit of profit maximization as the sole target. In the course of competition, small producers continue to be overwhelmed larger producers, annexation, production of capital gradually concentrated, eventually converge to a state monopoly. Because of production in the interests of competition and monopoly, which attracted heads of banks involved in financial capital, industrial capital is slowly finance capital controls, determining economic lifeline into a financial capital. During this period, the financial oligarchy ruled everything, formed a financial exploiters of the proletariat as producer and have become the exploited. Lenin also refuted the "democratization of the stock" fallacy, which has argued that the ownership of capital distributed to minority shareholders, the majority of the workers to become the owner of the capital. In fact the decision of capital ownership still holds a large stake of the largest shareholder, scattered small shareholders do not have any say, they are nothing but puppets of capital only. Financial capital monopoly capitalism period in addition to overproduction, also appeared in the capital surplus. Capital owners would never choose this capital to improve the living standards of the majority of workers, but the export of capital to the colonies, namely the export of capital, so the colonial countries will be subject to a more severe exploitation. Imperialism the export of capital, while often also under the banner of economic assistance, not only to solve the excess capital, also strengthened the country's political colonial penetration.

Lenin made a century ago to today's summary opinion is still sharply and accurately describe the nature of the world in the imperialist countries led by the US financial capital by plundering the world.

In today's world "five hundred" enterprise value of more than 80% of the world's industrial output, and put together the national rankings and five hundred and the world, even before one hundred in more than twenty five hundred companies , described as a wealthy. Thus, the degree of monopoly of productive capital has reached a very high level.

Today in the United States (even China), any form of entrepreneurship have been inseparable from the "financing" of this process, while the essence is the financial capital financing of absolute control of Industry, if not financing, the venture will not be able to survive. World five hundred companies, not in addition to any independent control financial capital, financial capital has seen complete control of the industrial capital. Dominate the world is not a politician, but not the people, but a handful of oligarchs.

Since the 20th century with the various capitalist countries to abolish the gold standard, credit-based currency became an international means of payment and settlement, it has become the main form of export of capital and plunder. Worldwide currencies pegged to the dollar, each country's foreign exchange reserves are dollar became the world currency, the dollar kidnapped worldwide. The United States also relies on its military strength and financial hegemony of the dollar as the only means to force the oil trading, and thus control the world's resources, strangling the throat development of all countries. The rapid development of Japan after World War II three decades of plunder was erased by the dollar, Americans take to earn Gluttons. In the manipulation of the US capital, the European debt crisis continue, making the euro challenge the dollar weakness, thereby securing the hegemony of the dollar. China is even more exploitation by imperialist capital the most serious subject, the Chinese people not only sell cheap labor, earning meager income was also abducted back to the US dollar. Since China's reform and development, the imperialist capital flocking, many in the name of economic development assistance, penetrate into China's political and economic lifeline in. Apparently three decades China has developed a lot, in fact, this development is superficial and chaotic, unsustainable, and all accumulated imperialism have all been hollowed out, leaving only environmental pollution, widespread poverty, an aging population, political corruption and resentment. Imperialism relies on export of capital once again triumphed.

After the 1950's, the world gained political independence to Colonial Countries on most surfaces, but fall into the imperialist economic plunder among unknowingly. American prosperity is built on the basis of its imperialist export of capital on the outcome of possession by the Americans, while the cost borne by the backward countries, the nature of extreme corrupt parasitic. America relies on its puppet union organizations - "United Nations" to the world that today's world is the theme of "peace and development", just to make this peace imperialist "peace" backward countries to reap its "development" results.

Decadent imperialist world today has far exceeded the Lenin saw, currently 1% of the world's population holds 99% of the world's resources, enjoying 99% of the world's wealth. In the era of globalization, imperialism has decayed to be added, its own contradictions can not be solved by improving only the human social system over to a higher stage in order to heal from the root. Nevertheless, the death of imperialism still can not be said to be just around the corner, the development of human society can not skip any stage, only all the objective conditions have been met when the society can progress.

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