How to get from New York to Philadelphia

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Amtrak Train

Take Amtrak trains direct access to 30th Street Station in Philadelphia from New York Penn Station. Compared to other ways, Amtrak's fastest, but also from the city center, very convenient. New York to Philadelphia this route there are two kinds of Acela Express and Northeast Regional trains, except that the speed and price. Acela Express is currently the only US high-speed rail, but compared to Europe, China, Japan's high-speed rail or slow too much. From New York to Philadelphia Amtrak train time is about 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes, the disadvantage is not buying tickets in advance is very expensive, ranging from $ 30 to $ 200.

Amtrak line in the United States than elsewhere, the Boston - New York - Philadelphia - Washington DC This train "Northeast Corridor" on quite reliable, because this route is fully electrified, passenger trains and has a high priority. Most other US railroad area only run diesel locomotives, freight and ownership in the company, and therefore has priority trucks that arrive on schedule very rare!

Commuter train

In addition to Amtrak, near New York City and Philadelphia each have their own commuter train system, the price is much cheaper. From New York is to take NJ Transit from Penn Station to Trenton , it took about 1 hour and 30 minutes, fare $ 16.75. Then, transfer to SEPTA in Philadelphia with a time of 45 minutes to 1 hour, fare $ 9.

Commuter train stops more, so a lot slower than Amtrak, but if your departure point or destination happens to be near the NJ Transit or SEPTA train station, rather than the city center, and sometimes may be faster. Commuter train most of the time are more punctual, and the seat relative comfort, after all, an alternative.


US-developed road network, but not everyone has a car, so there are many bus companies, such as Megabus and Greyhound (Greyhound bus) . Bus speed is also OK, the price is relatively cheaper train, departure and destination are also downtown. Tickets, whether purchased in advance, are $ 10 up and down, will not exceed $ 20, and sometimes can also experience $ 1 ticket. In general, the time from New York to Philadelphia in about 2 hours.

The biggest problem is the coach may be traffic jams in New York to Philadelphia frontline densely populated, traffic pressure, the peak of which may be encountered in a long block. In addition, the car is generally poor environmental conditions, there may be odor, or too hot in summer and too cold in winter, and then encountered traffic jams it really is hell experience.

Chinese City Bus

Chinese City Bus is a magical presence, which is characterized by a direct Philadelphia Chinatown New York's Chinatown. Compared to other buses, city buses China may be cheaper, such as $ 10 or less in general, and the disadvantage of other similar buses, conditions are relatively poor, and easy traffic jam.

China is not a city bus company's operations, but a collection of many local Chinese-run low-cost bus company. Of course, passengers predominantly Chinese, but there are other races of people aboard, most of the passengers are sometimes other races.

Bus fortune

New York's major casinos in order to attract guests to visit the surrounding, subsidize bus companies have direct access to open casinos' bus fortune. " The bus fare is not only cheaper, but also donated money for gambling usually much larger than the ticket money. Especially since the Chinese love of gambling, many rich Chinese buses are operating.

Most buses are bound to make a fortune in the past Atlantic City, as it once was only allowed to operate casinos in New York surrounding the city, but now the states have liberalized ban, Atlantic City casino buses is not as in the past many. However, the city still has a Manhattan Chinese good fortune bus company.

I personally experienced the casino bus trip to Gabriel, the first time to $ 27 round-trip fare, go after is $ 18 round trip, $ 25 Get $ 25 slot machines and table chips chips. These chips can not be redeemed directly, but if played again, it can be replaced with a formal cash chips. Meow just to play a bit, the $ 50 free chips into cash of $ 42, net of $ 27 tickets actually have earned $ 15. After played, you can take the NJ Transit train or a bus directly to Philadelphia. Of course, this mode of transportation is only for those who want to go to Atlantic City to play with the way, made a special trip to save money more harm than good.

Recently, however, it has been from New York to Harrah's Philadelphia gambling bars , this casino from Philadelphia closer, gambling and giving more generous, better than Atlantic City.

Own car

Unless they already have a car, or from New York to Philadelphia, his car is not easy, because the same traffic jam I-95 highway will encounter perennial. Moreover, the two cities in the New York and Philadelphia are more expensive parking, parking can be a very troublesome thing.

But given the United States is a car, whether cars or fuel are relatively cheap, and in many places outside the city and only reachable by car, so the car is quite flexible. If you want to route free time, and along the way to visit different locations, then the car is the most appropriate.


Travel around in New York, in addition to their own car, you can also choose to carpool (Car pool or Ride share). New York and surrounding cities such as Philadelphia, Boston has a lot of people commute on a regular basis, and thus have a carpool market. Carpool in United States law is a marginal status unregulated, so the risk needs themselves. Carpool information can be CarpoolWorld and Craigslist to find above. In addition, there are many popular routes on Facebook groups, such as Rideshare New York - Montreal .


There are three major airports in New York to Philadelphia Airport every day dozens of flight, of course, most of the passengers or for transit, if a special trip to buy, expensive, and time will be spent on airport security landing. However, if you have the opportunity to transfer, it can be the way out of the airport for a trip.


If one day, like the Wall Street financial predators, like money, the most convenient mode of transportation than a helicopter. New York and Philadelphia have a lot Heliport, even in the city center.

Helicopter ride from New York to Philadelphia, one way time is about 40 minutes, the price at between $ 2850 to $ 5000. There are New York Helicopter , HeliNY and HeliFlite companies operate.

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