The recent year

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People every year will be a great change in thinking at a young age, it is because of some experience, I have a lot of changes. Now I have not written last year, " advised when taking juvenile Jun Xi " I am, nor is university as freshmen freshmen, one in the room but not the high school for the NOI struggling teenager. There is a saying, "well-informed", see more people, experience things more, people will naturally not the same realm.

Two internship experience

Today is my day ended in Hulu internship, I was May 2, 2012 recruits, and today is a full three months. This is my first time in the company's industry practice, and practice before Microsoft Research Asia are very different. Before Microsoft is doing "research" it sounds like a very powerful way, in fact, sometimes doing things is simply a waste of time. Because I know from the outset, in the Institute of doing something just to have a breakthrough in specific areas, as the outcome will not be the benefit of mankind, that was not easy to say. Luck will fancy Microsoft product groups, made products, be contributed for humanity. Most of the time you've done, or be consigned to limbo, forever nobody cares. More generally, it is to enter Microsoft's patent portfolio, others will not want to make the product, it is actually hinder the progress of human society. I'm up to ten months at Microsoft Research Asia internship gave me the biggest gain is for me to determine the future will not be read Dr.

Hulu I do is pure development work, which is "software engineer", commonly known as "Code farming", the background to do is recommend the system infrastructure construction, mainly engaged in Hadoop, Cassandra this monster tool. It is worth mentioning that I have independent rule implements a simple language interpreter, compiler theory be to spend something to learn, and this is my first time to spend in the school curriculum Tsinghua things. In fact, I still quite like smaller companies, though not quite "normal", but you have to make a big company feel sincere human touch. I participated in three months of Hulu three outings, of which there is one company to play full out "real CS" come back at lunch Hulu Beijing's Boss, Joyce Zhang sister sitting next to me, while eating while also chat, there is no kind of superior feeling. Lunch and dinner every day of our whole people group Recommendation everyone out together, very intimate kind between employees and interns, and which I feel is simply a far cry from Microsoft.

I chose to go to Hulu completely out of coincidence. I have two seniors from the previous week and more Lo Sui Qian heard of where Hulu, they were interned there. Later, once I and Liu Jiaqian an appointment to talk about a project, but I have a terrible cold that night, we had to cancel plans. Liu Jiaqian texted me to say Hulu in "Jeanswest House" has a "doctoral lecture" sounds like a very fast hardware, I have endured dizziness went there. In this lecture, I Hulu established a good impression, I feel this company is very interesting, then go back and put the resume voted in the past. At first I was going to interview about the play, gain experience, not to say the other, because I was also being Microsoft practice it. Lo Sui Qian knew I wanted to go after Hulu, asked me not to help recommend, I refused on the grounds that I just want to try their strength (in fact, very sorry later Sui Qian Luo, as recommended by a successful intern bonus). After a week of Hulu I had a telephone interview, asked a simple arithmetic problem, in fact, the algorithm and NOIP as an original title. Then the next person about the interview, conducted a total of three. I quite admire Hulu, and even recruit an intern to spend so much effort, so much so that employees spend so much time to interview. Interview algorithms that a piece of cake for me, it may be good luck, all I've seen problems. Interviewer and talk the whole process very easy. A week later I got the notice by and asked me when entry, I thought for a moment to say about June, because have not thought about whether to leave Microsoft. But two days later I decided to leave Microsoft, and this was in mid-April, I asked my mentor made two weeks after leaving the Academy. I tutor of Microsoft Research Asia, Yang Mao was a very powerful man, he was just agreed with me, and encouraged me, "Go, engineering problem is the real problem to be solved." So I left Microsoft in late April early May to join Hulu. Before leaving, I Lee Kai Wei and Zhao Xu also recommended to the group system of Microsoft Research Asia, on the one hand I left a vacancy, you can help a classmate, on the other hand is left to maintain personal contact information. Lee Kai Wei in a week before I go into the post, and Zhao Xu also in the summer to join Microsoft.

To say I joined Microsoft Research Asia is a matter of coincidence, probably my last visit in April, when everyone saw the Guohua Yang made of a log " MSRA Systems Research Group recruit interns ." When I was a freshman, tortured calculus, physics, circuit theory and other such courses, long a wait to do something fun. Although there comes what "research" what "direction" what "paper" not and will not understand, and even the Institute is doing do not know, but I heard MSRA very powerful way, let Guohua Yang help recommended filed. I worked overnight making out a resume , and now look simply ridiculous to write, but then feel pretty good. A week later, I remember that I was on the circuit principle lesson, I suddenly got a call, I rushed out and answered, the other is a very friendly voice. He and I talked for a while, say, feel good, let me go ahead and HR contact formalities. At first I thought this is the first interview, I received e-mail could not believe HR should be so easy to interview over! I later learned that according to the experience of others to express my case is simply unique, presumably Guohua Yang seniors say many nice things about me. I decided to go after Microsoft's final exams, so I June 22, just finished the final exam the next day I went to Microsoft.

Two affect my people

When it comes to a big impact on me who should be Liu Jiaqian school girl, known as Qian Ge (Qiange saying: " Actually, I was a girl "). She was recognized in July last year, Microsoft Research Asia, I spent time soon. At that time she had just graduated from high school, ready to Tsinghua University. She entered the finals in Beijing Baidu Star competition, I do not know how I know if my internship at MSRA, contact me by Li Xiao, I want to take her to see MSRA. At that time I think it was a school girl, take her to see why not do it? So I know her. The first time I saw her give me a deep impression, she is a vision of people very far, so I was surprised. Later in the orientation of Tsinghua University, I specialized escorted her to do all the formalities.


After school, I and Liu Jiaqian occasionally to keep in touch, as well as Christmas Eve evening walk together from Tsinghua University to Xizhimen experience. And her exchanges I found her inner pride temperament, usually it is difficult to see out. She is very ambitious, and superior personal ability, is a rare talent, especially her or girls. She went to the interview and passed Baidu before freshman enrollment, so many people's congresses of shock. Freshman she plans to practice the second semester she successfully went to Baidu. She earlier than my freshman summer internship, but there is a purpose, planned, have pursued. She brought me to change that by chance an opportunity in February of this year, I ask her out to dinner together, chatting in the process she could not suppress the worship of Hubo Tao, told me Hubo Tao many miracles Great God, such as a college drop out in the first author to MSRA at the top level meeting made a Niubi paper, while Facebook got graduation, Google, Twitter and Standford's offer, from high school began to invest in stocks and real estate, earned a lot of money unthinkable, I would be an eye-opener.

By Liu Jiaqian stimulation, I suddenly sprouted the idea of ​​summer internships abroad. So I began to prepare, contacted many seniors to Facebook, Google and Twitter applications. Now that I think I was really too narrow horizons, you know Hubo Tao got three of the offer, only know to vote three. Looking for internship when I suddenly realized I Tsinghua University Department of Computer Science of meaning, it is not how high the level of teaching, let me learn what not learn something, but I have China's top alumni resources, they You can help me. I know when to contact Google's headquarters in the Lin Shuang seniors, he accidentally made me very enthusiastic to help me, teach me how to write your resume in English, over and over again to help me change. He gave me a lot about the popularity of working abroad, internships, visa, green card knowledge, immigration, so I learned a lot I can not come into contact with information. His influence on me can also be said to be decisive, and he gave me a wide field of vision, let me see the front farther and higher.

Later, I have been fruitless Google and Facebook to vote resume, Twitter responded, but ultimately did not pass. I found that my English is actually a big problem, speak to foreigners are trembling, how could articulate their meaning? So I immediately began to learn English, TOEFL while back, while looking for foreigners to practice speaking. I understand that many companies would have to apply for interns full, they started to realize too late, think about the American University in May on summer vacation, and I began to prepare in March, how can we have time? Then apply only consider the summer next year. But there is another summer next year, I visited the United States to take the J1 visa after providing for the "return to service of two years." This makes me very hesitant, not because I am determined to not want to return home, but because it will set themselves a shackles, I am afraid that after more than a inconvenience. Anyway, I had to pass the interview, so there I was trying to interview Hulu experience.

a book

I have this year is worth mentioning that there is a significant experience: to write a book "Node.js Developer's Guide" . My process of writing a book takes up quite a lot of energy, this experience can be said to be difficult to replicate. Initially I wanted to write a book just a impulse it is likely to be the same as other impulsive enthusiasm fade away immediately after, but I used an effective incentive to maintain this enthusiasm, and ultimately be done. It turns out that I do not need to be an expert-level figures to be eligible for a college professor, or writing a book industry, as long as there is passion, willing to learn, willing to share, and they can write a good book. Important thing is to find a support for your publishing house, to find some support for your friend. I am very fortunate Xu cocoa recognized by Turing publishing company editor, without their help I could not finish the book.

The Butterfly Effect

Last spring recommended by roommates Tangru Ming watched a film called "butterfly effect" of the film, the film tells the story of a cross back to the past can have a specific function of people. When the obstacles in his life, he always had to do regret some of the decisions of their own, so they take advantage of this capability with a memory back to the past, to make different choices. However, each time he returned to the past to change even a little bit, and then there will be a huge life path deviation, with the accumulation of time, will deviate more and more, resulting in a completely different life. Before I watch this movie, also heard of the so-called butterfly effect: "a butterfly flapping its wings can cause a tornado in Texas", but also understand the physics class of nonlinear systems over determinism generated unpredictable chaos, but it is exactly what is the meaning of life I have seen this movie before starting thinking. Later, I often think that I was the reason why I am now, in the end is why, in the end is to determine which of the key people and events.

Think about everything butterfly effect, Buddhism called "karma." If I do not recognize Xu cocoa, I find it difficult to keep the impulse to help write a book, it is impossible to recognize Turing editor. If I did not participate in last January's Professor Zhao Liming Chuandian language survey , I have no opportunity to know Xu cocoa. If I do not choose the freshman on the phonetics class , I did not have the ability to investigate language. If I do not have a unified freshman enrollment in military training and then turning once enrollment guide book, I could not even open the first time of Tsinghua phonetics this course do not know. If I did not hit in 2009, "Chinese history" in which a corner of the bookstore in Chengdu, how I might be interested in phonetics? If Guohua Yang and then do not know me, know me, how I would be willing to recommend to MSRA? If there is no bigger job "on my freshman discrete math based on Pinyin input method of statistical language models ," Guohua Yang how to understand me? If I did not participate in ibus-pinyin development, but also know where "statistical language model"? Everything is the origin ah, the reason I was now I depend on me to make a choice, even if it was their decision humble, I am afraid that one day in the future I will have a significant impact.

Vision and achievements

Once and have been working for a friend for dinner, he asked me a question like this: "? Solve a problem and make a thing, which gives you a greater sense of accomplishment." In particular, to solve a problem it refers to the in the field of academic research or engineering to solve a problem, to a small paper, large Turing award, the Nobel Prize; make a thing means that can be used to make a product, there are a lot of people use, generating value, an open source tool for small to large to Google search this product. I did not hesitate to choose the latter, of course, is to make the product more valuable. He told me this question reflects the different people of different values ​​and interests, simply, is that the former is suitable to engage in academic research go, being a scientist or specialist, who should be engaged in the development, to do product, an engineer or entrepreneur . My friend told me, maybe for me, entrepreneurship is a good road. Then I get this question a lot of people, and his results are consistent with the expected judgment. Where the value of life? It is to prove their worth, or self-realization. Achievement is a lifelong pursuit of things people power behind this is to be recognized, whether the benefit of society or harm human beings, their side effects. Information industry the most attractive is that, whether you are a scientist or an engineer, you will benefit of mankind, so as to obtain good returns.

Yesterday was the end of the day NOI, lamenting another year, NOI has unwittingly away from me for three years. Du Zaide at the opening ceremony of this year published this passage:

To participate in this competition 347 athletes to qualify and mostly get to the opportunity to university studies, in which 65 percent of the players will receive medals, 20% won the silver and 12% gold medals, 60 students will enter the National Team, in which four represent China in the international competition. Part of you top 100 players will go directly to Tsinghua or Peking University studies. Are things ended? No! After graduating from college, you may also choose to study abroad, to obtain a degree, and then to work. Recalling the past two decades, international medals Chinese athletes to more than 80, we count the number of these people, how many in science, technology, entrepreneurship, social management or social welfare aspects of the community has made an outstanding contribution ? Like Bill Gates who founded Microsoft at age 20? Like Steve Jobs did at the age of 21 founded Apple? Like Linus Torvalds (Linus Torvalds) in 21 years to write the operating system Linux? Who like Zuckerberg as 20 years old to create a social network? No! However, I know that we are now an international gold medalist Wang Xiaochuan, Sohu CTO, great achievements, and the race committee Liu Rujia after graduating from Tsinghua University and other co-founder of Seoul livable home improvement-related companies and, very courageous. There may be other people. However, most of the other winners stay abroad led an easy life. I also heard that this year there is an international gold medalist is a company well-paid employment, the incident became the industry news. I want to know, this is our pursuit of it? What is the impact of our creativity? What keeps our bold innovations? Why do we always follow the people enjoy creating a new civilization, new technologies and tools behind the West?

First, I was struck that, NOI even before the 100 can go to Tsinghua University Beijing, compared to before I was really fighting for thirty warp. Second, he pointedly noted that the major issues outstanding Chinese students: horizons narrow. In fact, most of us do not lack ability, but confined to knowledge, only willing to go predecessors paved road. On the one hand this is a problem of risk and risk aversion, on the other hand this is most people lack a broad perspective. Not many people are not ambitious, I believe that is willing to leave their homes to go to America to study, work, immigrants certainly not timid as a mouse, just to secure people, but many people only see the path taken by his predecessors, not another way awareness.

The pursuit of greater success, better life is definitely not wrong, we are all in a few crowded single-plank bridge. For students of Tsinghua University Department of Computer Science, the hearts of everyone approved of nothing more than the two "way out": good grades graduate school abroad, lesser of school security research, as the squeeze on both single-plank bridge, can only "be forced to work "or go the other" dishonest. " Why do we have to rush to go to graduate school, many people have not thought about, many people choose security research reasons are: not clear he can do, say the first graduate school. Because many seniors graduate is a proven safe way, so we have picked up the pace with the point predecessors footsteps. Why we do not see any other way to go? For example, to join the industry, such as start or join venture, such as direct and even go abroad to work, freelance, or spend a year to go wandering around the world? Some people say that is not conservative, too unrealistic, parents can not meet the expectations. The ultimate reason is that you do not think you can do that, never seriously considered what you really want to do Yes.

See this article I want to tell my peers, friends, and juniors, the world is so broad, you need to have a broad mind to accommodate. In young people the opportunity cost is the lowest, because all of your concerns can not do in the future will only worry more.

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