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Child memorized a poem:


According to legend, when the poem is the famous Tang Du Geisha Qiuniang made since the Millennium students encourage each other to become the masterpiece. Recently re-read, I can not help feeling: time flies, admission has been a year. This past year, so every day I miss, I cherish and Tsinghua students share together.

I remember before I enrolled, I saw Zhang Kunwei seniors a log , no small shock to me, because I know that I have had with him, and perhaps there will be a similar situation. Why do you say? This is also the year of struggle on the information from the school contest about an encounter battle. In the 2009 contest Informatics winter camp, I saw all the players of the National Team NOI2008 reply. Zhang Kunwei presentation design is very compact, left me a deep impression. It can be considered a chance, in May 2009 in Peking CTSC on Zhangkun Wei and I stayed at the hotel next to the two rooms, which have the opportunity to go and talk to him. Our bike ride from the North has not yet open to the Bird's Nest, Water Cube, the way he got a lot of advice, he also learned from Shanxi, where competition is weak. Later, I unexpectedly took NOI2009 gold medal , also became like him would have been unthinkable when I was a member of the National Team, and I actually became more than a decade to get information Henan first Olympiad gold medal. Tsinghua came later, he put almost all of his freshman textbooks gave me, show me elective, also helped me break the blockade network counselor to the bedroom, so I (and my bedroom nearby classmates) freshman year not substantially locked using the network . Back to the just mentioned thing I read the log , I see that even as Zhang Kunwei class people of God in this way, will be the PE exam fetters, will experience the "low altitude" flight. Although the shape and Zhang Kunwei I look very different, but the sport has also been my broken heart, I heard Tsinghua University to test three thousand meters, it is chilling. Although after the first semester, sports did not flunk out, but it can be considered "low altitude flight," the.

I expected, like a school of learning calculus, I encountered a lot of difficulties, especially high school math formulas I learned almost have forgotten one, let alone three did not experience too crazy skills training. And to me, it is a physical contest gold medal winner, they had learned through the calculus, so I really feel it is difficult to hold a candle. Fortunately, I am not alone, because my side and I have experienced about the same person.

To tell the truth, I have not yet begun military training I regret that I did not choose to go to Beijing University. There are many reasons, the most important way to Tsinghua too much emphasis on "collective spirit", often forcing people to do meaningless things. Here I think the "meaningless" things that others may not think so, and this is reflected in the difference in values. I do not like Tsinghua to "heresy" of tolerance is much smaller than the North. Then I saw an article that said Peking University and Tsinghua differences, roughly meaning Tsinghua biggest feature is to hold together, each person is like the North, like the Lone Ranger. Tsinghua established businesses, exclusivity is very strong, very difficult to serve the North rise, while the opposite is not the same. Gradually I also understand that the so-called "traditional" is how to produce. Tsinghua University is not outside legend as insular, but its compatibility is really to be improved. A year later, if I choose once again, I will choose Tsinghua University. I do not know why, maybe it is merely a fear come again.

The first semester of freshman enrollment looks very far-sighted, because I vacated the day came on Friday. This weekend I had three consecutive days, you can do more things. Gion Unfortunately, my idea is too naive, because it was the first semester every Saturday morning to be forced to go on a "military doctrine" class, and again on Saturday night, "phonetics" class, so I three days it was cut down the middle. The first semester, I do not know how much wasted time, I do not know what to do, and did not learn, did not play games, do not read, did not go out, not exercise some time ...... as if it suddenly disappear. The second semester, I inherited my hobby chose "phonology" class Chinese Department, after-school also made " Rhyme query system ", is considered a very meaningful thing. However, "multivariate calculus" is still one of the lessons of torture, "College Physics" Inheritance delivery methods What I can not accept.

Looking around, I found my classmates still living continuation high school exam-oriented education, passive recipients of knowledge, a lot of brush questions for the exam, and then forget about. Most people do not completely on their own views about the future, not to believe that "car to Piedmont Road," is to think that with the flow on the line. Counselors also to instill a kind of distorted values: "GPA best to go abroad, security research in general GPA, GPA worst employment." More than once I asked myself, asked the students to ask seniors, ask teacher, lesson to learn exactly why those "useless" is? The majority of respondents, in order to cultivate scientific thinking, Tsinghua University Department of Computer Science is not like training in the community, like culture "farming code" is. More practical, he said: In order to pass the exam in order to get a diploma, in order to GPA. However, few people thought about why they need scientific thinking, examination-oriented education and training of scientific thinking is it? If you engage in future research by the examination-oriented education to instill this set, I believe your future is bleak. Besides, you really do engage in research? Sadly, most people I come into contact with enthusiasm for scientific research, has vanished under the ravages of examination-oriented education: "Death will not engage in future research, shut himself in an ivory tower life." Many people He said GPA What are the clouds, but often many people do not know why the GPA is a cloud, did not really put GPA as clouds. Value GPA of people, most people very confused about the future, do not know how to target, so I find this magic with the GPA, will certainly not lose. After many years these people as someone who will have the guidance of the younger generation, said: "It must be high GPA job ah." As the younger generation who see these people, they feel steady pace, must be a good way, he picked up the pace. I always do not like, is this so-called "meteoric rise" of life, not knowing how much wasted youth in such bland days old, you do not regret their wasted youth present that does not dull it? These simple ideas, and I have explored many students, but I'm not trying to convince a values ​​and I do not like people, it is merely a hope to wake up fellow human only.

Interestingly, my GPA, although not very good, but there are still a lot of people think of me as "Daniel." This is the point I am pleased, because either the GPA not yet become Tsinghua sole standard of value, either INSTITUTE enough respect for privacy that most people do not know how my GPA. I'm doing things a high-profile people, has a strong, desire, hope get people's attention, recognition, or opposition to, all for me is a kind of encouragement. Sometimes, some acts will be seen as unusual, but then why not? Yin cited verse: "I was too insane people laugh, I laugh others see through but not the tomb of Wuling hero, no flowers no wine hoe for fields.."

A friend at the time of his 29th birthday, gave his young friends, saying: "Gaudeāmus igitur, iuvenēs dum sumus (Latin)" translate "We are young, let us rejoice.", into a poem is the "flowers worthy to be folded straight off, no flowers be empty Mo broken branches." think about it, our best years proper life, why not do something you enjoy it? Do not be so-called reality fetters, imagine people at a young age if there are so many "can not," then in the future, "not" Gion will be more. So, do it boldly, without regret.

Finally, attach the two rare photo, I count a zero second class, a computer system 2010 plenary. Behind it is completed during the 2011 centennial celebration "new Tsinghua School."


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