Tsinghua network with Tuna

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This semester, I joined the Tsinghua University student network will (Tsinghua University Network Administrators, called Tuna). Tuna was once a brilliant organization, but many years ago due to retire older, lean, and gradually decline. Until March this year, the former president of the Computer Society Wang Kang was rebuilt Tuna, I became vice president of the Tuna.

We have heard that Tsinghua is the core of China Education Network, so once fantasy Tsinghua network speed and should be very fast hardware resources, can not be said to be utopia, at least the first in the country, the world's leading it. Unfortunately, as I understand the depth of this wonderful disillusioned. To put it bluntly, the university's network is quite rubbish. Garbage is not equipment, not the bandwidth, but the technology and management. The overall level of network center of Tsinghua University is to be commended. Export sitting 5Gbps of bandwidth, but because of the chaotic management of the school and down to access the Internet led to slow as a snail, the network configuration is riddled with problems. Has lots of first-class equipment, room was a mess, the server is down, but often can not find the location of the server, rummaging found, forgot the root password. Perennial large number of servers boot, the above is a blank, do not say a waste of resources, as well as wiring confusion major security risk. Network authentication mechanism is fragmented, each set of log dormitories, classrooms, computer room, library, laboratories, wireless networks, IPv6 networks have, as an equal, mutually incompatible. In the case of network-centric technology and users are unprepared to lead a beat their heads and decided to "net fee reform" indiscriminate white all metered, 3 yuan / GB, this great historical retrogression would be utterly unable to endure. Layman leadership, experts perfunctory layman, this is the thing China featured university no way. Thanks for network-centric Meng teacher, in his support, Tuna was proud of the establishment, and get a lot of network resources. These excellent resources and facilities management fully utilized, it is Tuna mission.

I remember there was a very fast Tsinghua Ubuntu update source, do not know when to begin can not be used. Until now only the original management was nobody, so he abandoned. Recently Tuna's mirror group has been rebuilt, and many returned to update the source, and increased configuration. I quietly released a bit, did not expect to get a lot of people's attention, even some people say "as an educational core network node Qinghua finally updated the source." It made me feel great Tuna mission, also felt the Tsinghua responsibility. Being confirmed counselors told us: "In Tsinghua stay inside for a long time you will feel nothing, but do not forget, the outsider, you are in the intersection of social, people high hopes for you, remember that you every move is not just related to you alone. "pulling away, the next picture shows the Tsinghua open mirror sites, given under construction, the address is not made public.

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