About me

My name is 郭家寶. It can be spelled as Carbo Kuo, Jiabao Guo or Chia-Pao Kuo. BYVoid is my alias.

I am a believer of libertarianism, agnosticism, classical economic liberalism, laissez-faire, free trade and globalism. I support megacities, nuclear power plants, intensive farming, genetically modified food and all new technologies that improve efficiency.

I oppose to government expansion, welfarism, populism, nimby, organic agriculture, extreme environmentalism and "the hypothesis of global warming due to human activities".

My travels

About BYVoid.com

BYVoid.com is my domain name since 2009. Its predecessors are cmykrgb123.cn and cmykrgb123.com, built in 2007.

My blog posts are original, including linguistics, economics, Olympiad in Informatics experience, algorithms, techniques, and my life track.

This article was previously published under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported. Please contact me if you need to use my articles.

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